We didn't think anyone would be interested in this sort of thing,
but people keep asking - maybe because a lot of our fans are musicians, too.

Here's a list of our current equipment.

Dana Victoria
Electro Voice N/D 757B Microphone
Mike Rogers
1966 Fender Duo-Sonic Guitar
1987 Ibanez Artist Guitar
Acoustic Head
Sunn 4x10 Speaker Cabinet
Danelectro Distortion Pedal
Boss Chorus Pedal
Cry Baby Wah Pedal
Shure SM-58 Microphone
Bill Bois
1983 Fender Precision 4-String Bass
1997 Fernandes ABP-8 8-String Bass
1992 Fender Jazz body/Precision neck 4-String Bass
1997 Fernandes Target 4-String Bass
1998 Danelectro Longhorn 4-String Bass
1993 Samick HFB-590N acoustic/electric 4-String Bass
2000 Custom (Warmoth) 6-String Bass
Hartke HA-3000 Head
Hartke 1x15 Transporter Cabinet
Hartke 4x10 Transporter Cabinet
Digitech BP-8 Effects Pedal
Shure SM-48 Microphone
Russ Stanhope
1970's Ludwig Drum Kit
Ziljian Cymbals

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