Dana Victoria - Vocals
Bill Bois - Bass and Vocals
 Russ Stanhope - Drums
 Mike Rogers - Guitar and Vocals

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Dana Victoria Dana Victoria has always been on stage.  As a child, she was in a ballet company and went to Booker's Visual Performing Arts School.  She later studied voice under Joseph Spinella.

Her last band, New Sense, was together for two and a half years before breaking up in the spring of 1997.  (The drummer for New Sense can be found elsewhere on this page.) 


Bass, Guitar, Harmonica and Vocals
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Bill Bois Bill was a founding member of the Boston punk outfit Psycho.  During his time with the band, he started Ax/ction Records, produced releases by other Boston bands and did some solo recording.  He even played on one of GG Allin's discs.

After moving to Florida, he reported for Rolling Stone Online, wrote software, and searched for great musicians.  He found the other members of Swallowed in late 1997.


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Russ Stanhope Legally blind since birth, Russ started his musical career by playing cover instrumentals in biker bars for free beer.  Since then, he's been in loads of bands. 

Russ gained some notoriety with a comedy song he wrote and on which he sang all the voices and played all the instruments. Called "Speech Therapy," it got repeated airplay on the infamous Ron & Ron show.

Another song he co-wrote, "Chosen Path," was played as the Olympic Torch came down Main Street on its way to Atlanta.  Russ was behind the drums that day, of course.

Russ lists his influences as Frank Zappa, Keith Moon and the Three Stooges.


Guitar, Dulcimer and Vocals
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Mike Rogers Originally from Texas, Mike moved to Florida in 1995 and finally settled in the Tampa Bay area because of its healthy music scene.  He formed a short-lived improvisational band called Mean Uncle Charlie, and still occasionally plays with Freestyle Flounder.

His first musical inspiration was Blondie and his dad's Boston, Styx and Led Zeppelin records.  He soon moved on, soaking in the sounds of Black Sabbath, Metallica and especially Soundgarden.

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